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Jackpots, just like slot titles, have evolved throughout the years as operators and suppliers look at various ways to rejuvenate jackpots and come up with fresh and more modern mechanics in an attempt to keep players more engaged.

In this week’s SlotBeats Spotlight we asked five game developers for their views on jackpot trends and what’s being done to keep the jackpot feature up-to-date.

SlotBeats: We’re seeing more and more online casinos run daily jackpot giveaways through slots. What’s driving this current trend?

Jo Purvis, Blueprint Gaming: Jackpots have been a great acquisition and retention tool for operators over the years and the daily giveaways which dominate the market today are equally as effective.

We know there’s a generation of online players who love the adrenaline rush of triggering a bonus round, modifier or a progressive jackpot. The excitement and anticipation of large sums of money dropping every day appeals to a wide segment of players.

Daily jackpot giveaways now form a key component of an operator’s marketing strategy, helping to drive play at certain times of the day and month.

Many operators have shown the effectiveness of driving traffic to their offering through these daily jackpot giveaways. Casinos are always aiming to find a competitive advantage and offering bigger and better prizes will always be a key sales point.