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In the third part of SlotBeats Spotlight, we take a look into the value of jackpot prizes, may that be mega jackpots or smaller daily drops, and ask our experts if players are still driven by jackpot prizes and with players leaning more towards smaller jackpots, is there still value in mega jackpots?

SlotBeats: How valuable are jackpot prizes in driving interest for both new and existing games?

Jo Purvis, Blueprint Gaming: There’s definitely an advantage of placing a title under a jackpot system as it immediately puts the game in front of jackpot fans.

A wide range of games fall under the same jackpot banner, which means operators are more likely to have a landing page widget that promotes the jackpot and the associated slots.

New titles including the jackpot immediately get top billing within the widget, leading to front page exposure that every supplier aims to achieve for a launch.

Adding the jackpot system to existing games can also breathe new life into a title which may have fallen off the radar of the mainstream player.

We’ve taken this approach with a couple of our classic games recently such as Fishin’ Frenzy and now King Kong Cash, adding them to our Jackpot King series. Although they were great games in their own right, including the pots has opened them to a segment of players who prefer playing jackpot games only.

SlotBeats: With more players leaning towards games that feature smaller jackpots that must be won by a specific cash value, is there still a place for the mega jackpot prize that’s generated over weeks and months?

Jo Purvis : Yes definitely. Smaller pots that accumulate and drop faster have shown their worth in attracting players for the short-term, but jackpot fans will always have the lottery level prize in the back of their minds.

Although daily jackpots provide a euphoric moment for the winner, they cannot compare to the life-changing sums which can be won from a mega jackpot and how this can affect a player in a positive way.

The anticipation that a million pound plus jackpot brings is much greater than a daily pot that pays out no more than around £20,000. You cannot compare the dreams of scooping a million-pound jackpot to the prize on offer through a daily giveaway.

This is especially apparent with Blueprint’s Jackpot King progressive system, where players enter the Wheel King before knowing if they have won the jackpot they so greatly desire or not.