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In our penultimate part of SlotBeats Spotlight, we ask our experts what each one of their companies are doing to differentiate its offerings in regards to jackpot features within their slot titles.

SlotBeats: With many suppliers now looking to provide jackpot features to their games, how do you look to differentiate your own offering?

Jo Purvis, Blueprint Gaming: Blueprint’s Jackpot King has the bonus of being one of the most recognisable operator specific progressive jackpots in the industry and has built a solid reputation over the years, creating a number of millionaires along the way.

We’ve evolved the system to keep it relevant with player trends and operator demands, from a single pot to ‘must go by’ pots, but always keeping the same core factor that the main pot is unrestricted, unlimited and can reach any value and drop at any time.

As Jackpot King is widely accepted and works well in conjunction with Blueprint’s range of marketing tools, it has really set the standard for how a jackpot system should be used and operated to keep it fresh and appealing to players.