Play our exciting new Bingo style game, and match as many balls as you can!
Get 9 or more lines on your Bingo ticket to trigger the Reveal grid feature. Catch as many fish as possible to boost your prize.

Gameplay - Coming Soon


Instant Fish Prize
Land any normal fish on the bottom bar to receive an instant win prize.

Wild Pick Symbols
The Fisherman and Gold fish can be revealed on the bottom bar awarding a wild pick on your Bingo ticket.

Reveal Grid feature
Achieving 9 lines, 10 lines or a Full House on your Bingo ticket will trigger the feature game. Lives are reset each time a fish, fishing trawler, gold fish or fisherman lands. Fill in the whole grid to receive an extra x100 win multiplier.

Extra Reveals
Land the Fishing Trawler symbol in the bottom bar to receive additional reveal/s.

Buy Extra Reveals
At the end of the initial 10 reveals awarded at the start of the game, players can buy extra reveals and try and match more lines on their Bingo ticket. The price will vary depending on how many numbers are marked off and in which positions.

game data

12 potential lines on the 5×5 Bingo ticket (numbers 1-75)

Min/ Max Bet


Family Tree
Prize Lines

Target Player Market
Bingo and soft slot Players
RTG Game Players

Supported Jurisdictions
UK, Gibraltar, Malta, Isle of Man, Alderney

Supported Language
EN only